A powerlifting and bodybuilding community, united to break standards. We are all WNDR, undefined, and never limited to "good enough"

About Me

Hi, my name is Gene Dinh, owner of WNDR.

It all started during my second semester of nursing school. School was stressful, so I looked towards ways to control my stress. Lifting has always been a part of my life and with it, I met the most supportive people that are in my corner.

I am still in nursing school and one semester away from graduating! The enormous support from people who joined WNDR helped me pay for tuition to make it as a Registered Nurse.

Resist the Standard, because Mentality Matters. 
These words have stayed true to me in dark times and even the good times. Wherever you are, never be content with "good enough". Be headstrong, because mentality matters.

What does WNDR aim to be?Growing a lifting community who supports each other from the ground up. No egos. No obligations. Stay updated with our new collections to spread our message. Resist the Standard.

Gene Dinh, Student Nurse, WNDR.

Educare School
Educare School

Modesto, California | Los Angeles, California

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