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Death Before Dishonor - Training Program

Death Before Dishonor - Training Program

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Death Before Dishonor

This fullbody program was designed and used by me (Gene Dinh) to develop strength and confidence in barbell movements. The program is designed for both beginners and moderate to advanced athletes. Completion of this program in multiple cycles led me to a 405 Squat, 275 Bench, and 535 Deadlift!


How It Works:

  • There are 4 training days per week for maximizing intensity and recovery
  • Powerlifting movements are based on varied percentages of your 1 rep max, including rep ranges to effectively manage fatigue and prime your central nervous system for high priority barbell movements of said training day
  • The 4 week program is based on linear progression, with each wave increasing with intensity, followed by a deload week. It can be used as many times as needed until linear progression ends!
  • Digital program in EXCEL format for easy access. Simply enter your 1 rep max for each main powerlifting movement and screenshot week 1 to week 4 as needed.
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