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Ferro Knife(Multi (999)/1 SZ)

Ferro Knife(Multi (999)/1 SZ)

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Compact, yet supremely durable and versatile, the Ferro Knife is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. The stainless steel blade is more than ready for any task, especially with a Teflon protective coating for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Ferro stick produces sparks of 3,000-plus degrees Fahrenheit when scraped against the strike surface. In the most remote locations or uncertain situations, keep the Ferro Knife on hand. Product Safety amp; Usage Information 2.3 Drop point bladeIntegrated Ferro Rod with wrist lanyardHigh visibility coated stainless steel blade Injection-molded sheath exposed Ferro strike edge5.75?? OAL 0.15 Thick blade 6.125 OAL in sheath 0.23 Diameter ferro rod with 1.70 long striking surface 2.25 Ferro rod length (not including lanyard)

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