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HEXGRID 12x9 Gear Set with Pouch(Kangaroo (134)/1 SZ)

HEXGRID 12x9 Gear Set with Pouch(Kangaroo (134)/1 SZ)

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HEXGRID is 5.11's unique patented multi-directional modular tactical gear system. End users are no longer restricted to arranging their gear in simple up and down patterns. They can now tailor their kit loadouts with HEXGRID's 12 angles of attachment for smooth ergonomic access that aligns with their individual body movements. Mag and utility pouches, specialized gear, you name it, HEXGRID ensures your gear access will be smooth, natural and instant. Gear Set compatible with All Missions Plate CarrierPatented HEXGRID multi-angle load bearing platformBuilt in kangaroo pouch with hook/loop closureCompatible with kangaroo pouch adaptor included in All Missions Plate CarrierRemovable 3 magazine adaptor with bungeesOpen access at bottom of HEXGRID for easy weavingG hooks, split S/R buckles and hook backing for Gear Set product compatibilityTAC-LAM High Strength Nylon Laminate8.5H x 12W

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