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Timberland The HexMill Collection Bundle

Timberland The HexMill Collection Bundle

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Our HexMill grinders have proven themselves as game changers in the kitchen, and no wonder: They employ burr grinder technology to season any dish consistently and quickly. Due to demand, weve bundled our original HexMill Salt and Pepper Grinder Set together with the new HexMill Tabletop Grinder SetCso you dont have to keep running back and forth between the kitchen and the table to get that perfect dose of seasoning. Our original, 9HexMill set is ideal for stashing near your stove for easy reach when cooking, whereas the more petite tabletop set is half the size and looks stunning on any dining surface.Read MoreBurr grinders offer consistency and speed superior to blade grinders.Each grinder features 10 adjustable grind settings, from super-fine to coarse granules giving the perfect grind size for any dish.Heavy-duty, solid milled aluminum bodies are built to last and preserve freshness.Quick-release button caps enable easy filling.Each salt grinder features a gunmetal finish and ceramic components to prevent corrosion.Pepper grinders boasts a luxe classic black finish.Lifetime warranty on all parts.Original HexMill Grinder Set9-inch in size, is ideal for use in the kitchen when cooking to season proteins, sauces, vegetables or salads.Bottom caps allow you to pre-grind, then measure just the right amount of seasoning.HexMill Tabletop Grinder Set with Caddy4.45-inch size is convenient for use at the table and makes for easy storage.Comes with a handy black aluminum carrying caddy for transporting and cutting down on tabletop residue.Does not include salt crystals or peppercorns.The HexMill Salt Grinders are designed for salt crystals only. The HexMill Pepper Grinders are for peppercorns only and are not intended for salt or other corrosive/acidic spices or any other ingredients. Read Less

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