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Timberland Hybrid Double Burner Griddle

Timberland Hybrid Double Burner Griddle

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If you keep saying youre going to be better about big-batch cooking, this is your griddle. Think: a bevy of flapjacks for Sunday brunch, or seared scallops for eight. Its wonderfully oversized proportions also enable better meal planning: You can sizzle up 24 meatballs at once, or griddle veggies and chicken for fajitas and burritos for the week. And, of course, its key to a superb brunch or dinner party. The HexClad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle lies vertically on two stovetop burners. Its oversized, flat surface and tri-ply aluminum core ensure consistent, even heat distribution for better browning (it makes awesome grilled cheese in a flash). A true time-saver, this griddle gets any meal on the tableCfaster.Read More Extra-large, 11 x 18 rectangular cooking surface sizzles up bigger batches with ease. Convenient and time-saving; can cook up a complete breakfast for four, all in one pan.Versatile design accommodates all types of foods. Think: pancakes, bacon, hash browns, panini, warm tortillas, burgers, shrimp kebabs or weekend meal prep.Slanted, low-profile pan edge makes accessing, turning, flipping and removing foods easier.Revolutionary hybrid technology combines both stainless-steel and nonstick for the ultimate sear and easy clean-up.Tri-ply construction heats quickly and evenly, providing excellent temperature control.Premium, Japanese nonstick coating is infused with diamond dust for added durability.Griddle features durable stainless-steel handles.Metal-utensil, dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 500F.Induction-ready. Read Less

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