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Timberland Master Series Japanese Damascus Steel Steak Knife Set, 4pc

Timberland Master Series Japanese Damascus Steel Steak Knife Set, 4pc

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Theres something about these sleek limited edition Master Series Damascus steel steak knives. As is true of linen napkins or a great centerpiece, they will level up your home dining experience. They also slice through filets like theyre butter. Thats thanks to 67 layers of Damascus steel, renowned among knife aficionados for its durability and lightly swirled surface. With their full-tang construction, extreme sharpness, solid bolster and heavy feel in the hand, these knives make you feel as though you have your own mini chefs knife at the supper table.Read MoreSet includes 4 Master Series Damascus Steel Steak KnivesLimited edition set bears special HexClad insignia and a sleek modern design.Faux ebony hexagonal handle made of durable, moisture and stain-resistant composite that wont expand or contract over time.Blades comprise 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel for a harder bladeC60 Rockwell ratingCand a sharper edge that stays sharp longer, for effortless slicing.Full-tang construction ensures even weight distribution for more precision and control. Made utilizing the 3-step Honbazuke methodCan advanced heat treatment to enhance hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistanceCfor a super-sharp, 12-degree edge. Read Less

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