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Vaude Serles 32 - touring backpack(Default Title)

Vaude Serles 32 - touring backpack(Default Title)

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Light and versatile backpack with height-adjustable lid for ski tours and mountain climbing low weight and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps make the backpack comfortable to carry attachmen's for helmets, ropes, ice tools and skis climate-neutral; eco-friendly manufacturing using polyamideA backpack for year-round ski touring, mountaineering or climbing! The Serles 32 is a spacious but lightweight touring backpack for extended trips in the mountains. It features great stability and is truly comfortable to wear thanks to the body contact back (Synergy Mold Light with adjustable aluminum frame). The ergonomic shoulder straps ?C inspired by trail running ?C also ensure a high level of comfort. Thanks to the short, flat hip wings that can be folded away, the touring backpack doesn't interfere with climbing or wearing a harness. The soft padded shoulder straps have stretch pockets where you can store your phone, GPS or power bars as well as a Soft Flask water bottle for easy accessibility. As a classic top loader, the main compartment offers plenty of space for gear such as a change of clothes, food, hydration bladder and the removable rescue bag for avalanche rescue equipment. The height-adjustable lid offers additional storage space. Skis can be attached at the sides, trekking poles or an ice pick at the front. It's got a place to stow your climbing rope and special loops for attaching your helmet. The Serles 32 touring backpack is made from robust polyamide (52% recycled). Eco-aware mountaineers who want to cover a wide range of alpine pursuits with a single, lightweight backpack will get their money's worth with this pack. In addition, this product is climate neutral ?C we've analyzed and systematically reduced all emissions arising from materials, manufacturing, and shipping. Emissions that are currently unavoidable were fully offset by the independent non-profit myclimate organization.

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