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Sol Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter(Orange (461)/OneSize)

Sol Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter(Orange (461)/OneSize)

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All descriptions and claims have been provided by the manufacturer. Warranty service will be provided by the manufacturer.A weatherproof electric lighter built to work in any conditions and at any altitude, the SOL Fire Lite Fuel-Free lighter lets you start campfires and stoves with the touch of a button.Final Sale, No Returns Ultralight and compact, this sleek plasma lighter weighs less than 2 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand, so it's easy to take anywhereIdeal for lighting campfires and stoves, the lighter's top-facing dual arcs ignite flammable materials on contactIncludes a 3 ft. Tinder-Cord lanyard that can serve as a rope or dependable tinder; simply cut off the end and push back the nylon fibers to expose the flammable coreBuilt-in 100 lumen light helps you find your way in the dark; features low, high and strobe settings; runs for about 3 hrs. on low for a single battery chargeTo turn the light on, hold down the on button for 3 seconds; this delay prevents the light from turning on while in your pack and draining the batteryWaterproof design works regardless of wind, rain, temperature or altitude; includes a watertight caseIntegrated lithium battery charges in 2 hrs. with the included micro-USB cable and lasts for about 45 uses (7 sec. per use)Fuel not included

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