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TacTec Trainer Weight Vest(Black (019)/1 SZ)

TacTec Trainer Weight Vest(Black (019)/1 SZ)

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The TacTec Trainer Weight Vest is an innovative fitness accessory designed to help you push your limits and unleash your inner savage. Made from durable 600D polyester, this weight vest is built to withstand even the toughest workouts. It is compatible with 5.11 and Rogue weight plates and the 5.11 TacTec Weight Plate Sandbag, offering versatility for a wide range of exercises.Adjustable yoke shoulder straps with breathable mesh padding ensure a comfortable fit, while breathable mesh body pads keep you cool during intense training sessions. The adjustable stretch cummerbund keeps the weight vest secure and in place, allowing for freedom of movement and reducing the risk of injury.The TacTec Trainer Weight Vest also features front admin pockets and loop laser-cut and web MOLLE platforms for additional carrying capacity and pouch customization. Internal retention straps hold the weight plates securely in place, ensuring a stable and safe workout experience.Designed for optimal hydration, the TacTec Trainer Weight Vest is compatible with the 5.11 PC Convertible Hydration Carrier. Stay hydrated during your workouts for peak performance and endurance.Whether you're training for a marathon, engaging in functional fitness, or simply looking to level up your workout routine, the TacTec Trainer Weight Vest is the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal. Experience the difference and elevate your training to new heights with the TacTec Trainer Weight Vest.DIMENSIONS13H x 10W x 1DWeight 0.92 kgs Training weight vest Fits 5.11 and Rogue weight plates and Tactec Weight Plate SandbagAdjustable yoke shoulder straps with breathable mesh paddingAdjustable stretch cummerbund with pockets and MOLLEID loop and 6x1 name tapeFront web MOLLE platformTop admin front pocket with hook/loop closure and pull tabinternal plate retention strapsBreathable mesh body padsRear loop laser-cut and web MOLLEPC Convertible Hydration Carrier compatible600D Polyester

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